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Presenter and Host for Events and Videos

Raquel Forster has been working as a presenter since 2012. She works as a presenter and host for events and videos. Among her clients are the Zurich Film Festival, the film distributor Frenetic Films, the Federal Office for Defence Procurement armassuise and the tourist office of the city of Zug in Switzerland. During her career, the actress already interviewed sport stars such as Roger Federer or Alain Sutter (former Swiss national football player) as well as the international actor James McAvoy (Abbitte, Split) and illustrious personalities such as the German psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer and the Japanese phycisist Dr. Michio Kaku. Since 2015 she also presents events such as the 1st of August celebration of the city of Zug (Swiss National Holiday), the Mobile Motion Film Festival in Zurich or panel discussions on various topics. The actress presents with a lot of energy, charm and professionalism and knows how to use her journalistic background in a targeted way. Raquel Forster holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and business communication. She presents in German, English, French and Portuguese.

Languages: German, Swiss German, English, French and Portuguese

2010 - present

Closing-Night Genuss Film Festival Zug | Auftraggeber: Matthias Luchsinger, Festivaldirektor | Oktober 2022

Moderation der Closing Night

Premieren Film Drii Winter von Michael Koch für Frenetic Films | Auftraggeber: Frenetic Films | August und September 2022

Anmoderationen mit Q&A von Premieren des Films Drii Winter in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Michael Koch und der Hauptdarstellerin Michèle Brand

Vorpremiere Durchschnitt | Auftraggeber: Tapir Film | März 2022

Moderation der exklusiven Vorpremiere im Kino Bourbaki, inkl. Q&A mit Protagonist Robin Scherrer sowie Pablo Callisaya, Regisseur

Award-Night Zuger Filmtage 2021 | Client: Zuger Filmtage | November 2021

Hosting of the Award-Night, incl. Q&A of the film Soul of a Beast from Lorenz Merz with lead actor Pablo Caprez and Simon Hesse, film producer and Cyrill Gerber, co-producer

Masterclass with film director Pierre Monnard (WILDER, "Needle Park Baby", Neumatt, Recycling Lily, Anomalia) | Client: Zuger Filmtage | November 2021

Hosting of the  Masterclass with Swiss film director Pierre Monnard

Film release "neighbours" from Mano Khalil for Frenetic Films | Client: Frenetic Films | October 2021

Hosting of lunch cinema at Arthouse Le Paris with Q&A with director Mano Khalil

Zurich Film Festival | Client: Zurich Film Festival | September 2021

Hosting of different client events

University of St. Gallen - Conference of Benchmarking Study | Client: University of St. Gallen | September 2021

Hosting of the events and the panel discussion

Opening Night Genuss Film Festival Zug | Client: Genuss Film Festival Zug | September 2021

Hosting of the Opening Night, incl. Q&A with Oscar nominated documentary film director Christian Frei

Gässli Film Festival Basel | Client: Basel Film Festival | August 2021

Hosting of Q&A’s with directors Claude Barras on “Ma vie de Courgette”, Michael Dudok de Wit on “The Red Turtle” and Simon Otto on “How to Train Your Dragon”von drei Q&A's mit Simon Otto (How to train your dragon), Claude Barras (Ma vie de Courgette) und Michael Dudok de Wit (La Tortue Rouge)

Agathon Technology Days 2021 | Client: Agathon AG | Production: Crunch GmbH | June 2021

Hosting of the Agathon Technology Days 2021, Live webinar, panel discussions

Zuger Filmtage 2020 (Film Festival Zug) | Client: Zuger Filmtage | October 2020

Hosting of the Award Night

Hosting of the Masterclass with Swiss film director Bettina Oberli (Die Herbstzeitlosen, My wonderful Wanda) 

Theatrical release film Beyto | Client: Frenetic Films  | September/October 2020

Hosting of two special screenings of the film Beyto in presence of the film director Gitta Gsell and the main actors Burak Ates and Dimitri Stapfer

Zurich Film Festival | Guests: film directors Gitta Gsell, Heinz Bütler, Hans Haldimann, actors: Heidi Diggelmann, Steffi Friis, Dimitri Stapfer, Burak Ates, Serkan Tastemur, Beren Tuna, etc. | Client: Zurich Film Festival | September 2020

Hosting of several Gala-Premieres (Nomadland, The Courier, Eden für Jeden), film releases (Beyto, Kleine Heimat, Hermann Hesse Brennender Sommer) and Q&A’s with Directors and Actors & Actresses and customer events for the Zurich Film Festival

Closing Night Genuss Film Festival Zug | Guests: Ronald Herculeijns, Hans Etter, Tony Guggenbuehler, Andreas Waespi | Client: Genuss Film Festival Zug | September 2020

Hosting of the Closing Night (Genuss Foto Award & Honouring Best Zuger Photographer

Gässli Film Festival Basel | Guests: Thomas Wöbke, Producer, Tim Fehlbaum, Director | Client: Gässli Film Festival Basel | August 2020

Hosting of the Masterclass, Q&A's and Panels with the 2 guests of honor

1st of August celebration city of Zug (Swiss National Holiday Celebration) | Client: Zug Tourismus | August 2020

Guests: tbc

Award Night Zuger Filmtage 2019 | Client: Zuger Filmtage | November 2019

Hosting of the Award Night

Masterclass with Actor Sven Schelker (Bruno Manser film) | Client: Zuger Filmtage | November 2019

Hosting of the Masterclass with Swiss Actor Sven Schelker

Panel discussion on "Cultural beliefs in dying well" - yearly event of the Hospice Association of Zug | Guests: Joachim Eder, Member of the upper chamber of the canton of Zug, Andreas Haas, reformed pastor, Dr. med. Sibylle Jean-Petit-Matile, Doctor, Gabriela Rüegg, terminal care Hospice Association of Zug | Client: Hospice Association of Zug | November 2019

Hosting of the panel discussion

Panel discussion on humor and respect | Guests: Philipp Galizia, cabaret artist, Karl Kobelt, politician, among many others | City Church Zug (CityKircheZug) | Client: City Church Zug | September 2019

Topic: humor and respect

1st of August celebration city of Zug (Swiss National Holiday) 2019 | Client: Zug Tourist Office | August 2019

Guests: Baba Shrimps, Delilahs, and many more

Podiumsdiskussion zur Buchvernissage "Handauflegen mit Herz und Verstand" | Auftraggeber: Reformierte Kirche Zug | Juni 2019

Gäste: Dr. Kamila Dudova-Nakazi, Psychiaterin, Anemone Eglin, Andreas Haas, Pfarrer

ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion) | Client: MCI Switzerland AG | June 2019

Host of the opening and award ceremony

2010 - present

Panel discussion on how to successfully conduct clarifying conversations | Guests: Pascal Niquille, CEO Cantonal Bank of Zug, Andrea Gehrig, Supervision Coach, Patrice Riedo, family father and Franz Schurtenberger, deputy manager of the Hospice Association of Zug | City Church Zug | Client: Hospiz Zug | November 2018

Topic: How to successfully conduct clarifying conversations

1st of August celebration city of Zug (Swiss National Holiday) 2018 | Client: Zug Tourist Office | August 2018

Guests: Singer/Songwriter James Gruntz, Band Delilahs and many others

Annual concerts | Client: Music Society Ballwil, Lucerne | April 2018

Annual concerts brass orchestra

1st of August celebration city of Zug (Swiss National Holiday) 2017 | Client: Zug Tourist Office | August 2017

Guests: Singer/Songwriter Marc Sway and many others

1st of August celebration city of Zug (Swiss National Holiday) 2016 | Client: Zug Tourist Office | 2016

Guests: Baschi, Bibi Vaplan and many others

Award Night 1. Mobile Motion Film Festival | Client: Mobile Motion Film Festival, Andrea Holle | 2015

Hosting the Award Night at Kino Uto, Zurich

Roger Federer | Credit Suisse | 2014

Imagine Roger Federer Visiting you at work

Raphael Wicky | Credit Suisse | 2013

Interview with former Swiss National Football Player Raphael Wicky

Chief Investment Officer | Credit Suisse | 2013-2014

Monthly CIO interview

SME export indicator | Credit Suisse and Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE) | 2013-2014

Interview with Daniel Küng, CEO Switzerland Global Enterprise

Internal news show | Credit Suisse | 2012-2014

Anchor woman of the internal news show of Credit Suisse

Physicist and Futurist Dr. Michio Kaku | Credit Suisse | 2014

Interview with physicist Michio Kaku at the Swiss Trade Forum for Investment Zurich

Interview with German psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer on digital dementia | Credit Suisse | 2013

Interview with psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer (in German)

Video Host

SWISS International Airlines | Director & Producer: Mathieu Gilliand & Daniel Arx, Brand Studio Ringier AG | Juni 2020

Role: Raquel Forster, Lead. Topic: Flying after lockdown. We did the test. 

Helvetia Insurance | Internal recruiting videos | Director & Producer: | July 2020 

Role: Female Lead.

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) | Director & Producer: CRK | November 2019 

Role: Lead. Topic: How to work in Switzerland

Video 1

Video 2

Egolf Real Estate | Director: Stefan Möschlin, Michi Döös, walder werber werbeagentur | Producer: Camotion Films | August 2019

Role: Real estate broker, lead

Federal Office for Defence Procurement armassuise | Department: Science and Technology S+T | Producer: salzmann media | June 2018 

How to successfully prevent GPS spoofing attacks

Internal video for pharma company Galenica AG | Producer: salzmann media | Client: Galenica AG, Bern | May 2018 

Host for internal video

M-Way E bike City Guide Zurich | Client: M-Way | Producer: Filetroyal, Cologne, Germany | September 2017 

E Bike City Guide Zurich

Video tutorials for sales staff | August and September 2017 

Presenter e-Learnings for sales staff


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